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So you might be wondering what an Ethical Web Agency is, well let us explain. Our team has many years of experience working on some of the leading websites in the UK and decided to set up our own agency.

We decided on our core principles to act in a responsible and moral manner, taking into consideration the impact of our actions on your business, society and the wider environment.

So we won’t employ bad tactics, black hat SEO or cheap workmanship just to get the job done.

We will provide great transparency in all the work we do, we won’t bill you 5 hours for a twenty-minute job and we won’t sell you false hope in order to win a job. Everything is open when you work with EWA.

The good news is we know what we are doing too. We are vastly experienced website designers in Magneto, Shopify and WordPress websites, working on both multi-million pound revenue-generating websites and small brochure websites.

No job is too big or too small so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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