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Easy Peasy

Anyone can set up a WordPress website. If you are new to web development try it, it’s free to install and you can find a host for as little as £5 per month.

But without experience, you will face a bit of a learning curve to get the site just right and the way you want it.

That’s why companies such as the Ethical Web Agency exist, to take the hard work away and build or manage your WordPress website on your behalf.




Custom Builds

If you are set on a particular style or need your existing WordPress site tweaked, let us know. We will have a look and give you a fair price for the job.

There are far too many WordPress themes to count, and some of them work fantastically well for the majority of small websites, but this is about progression.

Stay ahead of the game and tailor your WordPress site to be more engaging and deliver a better experience.



All In

We can not only build and set up your new WordPress site but also look after it for you on a monthly basis.

This will include regular development work and SEO so your WordPress website stays in tip-top shape.

We will cover everything from bespoke custom functionality to technical aspects such as improving site speed and keeping on top of the ever-shifting sands of SEO.




Nosey Giraffe

Expert WordPress WEB Development

Get That Tounge Wagging!

Tell us what you want and we will tell you if we can help. We don’t mind a gab anyway just try not to call when the Corrie Omnibus is on. Thanks in advance.


Giraffe Squatting

Wordpres Back End.

You can have a slim or large back end. But make no doubt about it, the back end is where all the action happens from adding products, writing content and coding your website.

If you need some special functionality in your WordPress back end, contact us for a price today!

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Technical & Strategic 

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