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Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO

We practise Ethical SEO that puts your website visitors 1st. By shifting our focus onto your end users and best practises, we can help grow your website from an SEO perspective.

Some people consider SEO and usability to trade off at certain points and this can true. For example, whilst in some cases creating doorway pages targeting certain can increase your visibility in the search engines, it can also lead to a poor user experience as they may not totally align with your core product, service or brand. 

Our focus is a user-centric SEO approach that we have deployed many times and know brings organic success.



What is Ethical SEO?

Ethical SEO is the practice of achieving higher search engine rankings through honest, user-focused strategies that align with search engine guidelines.

We have seen many company websites badly managed because webmasters or SEOs have indulged in black hat techniques.

In our experience, this is a foolish strategy to employ. Sitewide spam can add a weighted negative signal against your website and make it harder to achieve good placements compared to businesses that optimise their websites in the correct manner.

When companies attempt unethical practices in an attempt to manipulate search engines we call this “Black Hat SEO”. When companies do things in the correct manner and follow the guidelines we call this “White Hat SEO”.

Black Hat v White Hat SEO

Here is a list of some common Black Hat SEO techniques people perform and how they can be substituted for our Ethical, White Hat SEO Services.

ObjectiveBlack Hat SEO TechniquesWhite Hat SEO Techniques
Increasing Page Keyword DensityKeyword stuffing: Excessive use of keywords, often making content unreadable.Natural integration of keywords in relevant and valuable content.
Improving Click-Through Rates (CTR)Cloaking: Showing different content to users and search engines.Creating compelling meta titles and descriptions that accurately represent the content.
Building BacklinksLink farms: Creating or buying links from low-quality, unrelated sites.Earning high-quality, relevant backlinks through content creation, outreach, and relationship building.
Increasing Website TrafficClickbait: Using misleading headlines or descriptions to attract clicks.Creating valuable and engaging content that genuinely attracts users.
Ranking Higher on SERPsDoorway pages: Creating low-quality pages optimized for specific keywords.Optimizing content, improving site structure, and following search engine guidelines.
Improving Page Load TimeContent scraping: Copying content from other sites to quickly populate a website.Optimizing images, using efficient coding practices, and leveraging browser caching.
Increasing Social Media PresenceSocial media automation: Using bots to generate fake social media engagement.Actively engaging with users, sharing valuable content, and building a genuine social media presence.
Increasing Local VisibilityFake reviews: Creating or buying fake positive reviews for local businesses.Encouraging satisfied customers to leave genuine reviews and ensuring accurate business information on local directories.
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SEO Services

Our SEO services are totally white hat and end user-focused. Page experience is huge in SEO, that’s why a lot of our work is investigating how users navigate and interact with your website.

With this information, we make tweaks and changes using best practice techniques to enhance the user’s visit based on their search intent.

All this work helps to send positive signals to the search engines about the quality of your pages. If a user bounces off within 2 seconds, this is not a good indicator of a quality page, especially if they continue searching the topic at hand once they move swiftly back to the search engines.

But SEO is multi-faceted, with hundreds of different elements to consider. We will make strategic decisions on how to grow your backlink profile naturally and only conduct SEO work that will not fall foul of future algorithm updates by deploying black hat techniques.

With our experienced team od SEO consultants, you are in safe hands with the Ethical Web Agency.


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  • On-Page SEO
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  • Local SEO
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Ethical SEO Prices

SEO For Any Platform

If you need SEO for a new website or want your existing website to perform better in the search engines, we can help.

Our experienced team of SEO consultants will conduct a full audit and start making changes to help your business grow organically and naturally through plain old hard work. 



WordPress websites can rank very well. SEO friendly, it is a great platform for SEO.



Shopify SEO can boost your store sales. It has some technical issues to overcome but can generate a lot of traffic.



Magento is amazing for SEO. This flexible platform can drive thousands of visits per day to your website.

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