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Fixes For Broken Websites

Something Bugging You?

Have got a website bug that needs fixing? Yes, we know they can be pesky. They can be irritating little bugs like glitches or sometimes even nastier bugs that are hard to replicate, making them more difficult to identify and spot.

In any case, we would love to help you out and wipe out these creepy crawlies as they can impact user experience and in more severe cases your website rankings.

Grr, it’s Not Working!

Do you have a piece of functionality that is not working? Frustrating we know.

Sometimes you have different programmes that just don’t get along, as in they are not compatible with each other.

Get in touch with us and we will see if we can make them all play nicely in the park together as they should.

Literally No Idea!

If you have an issue on your website and have no idea where to start, you can start by contacting us.

Our development team will look at the issue right away for you and tell you if it can be fixed and at what cost.

Most issues can be fixed through code, but we will check out the issue and give you a realistic price for a resolution and estimated time frame for completion.

Bye Bye Gemlin!

Ethical Web Agency Website Bug Fixes
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#1 Web Bug Fixer!

We have great experience in fixing website bugs on all major platforms such as Magento and WordPress. Let us take a look and help you solve the issue.

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A Closer Look.

Before we give you a price on your website fix we will have a good look at the issue and estimate the time it is going to take to fix it.

You could just have an annoying bug that is driving you mad or you could have been victim to a full-scale hack. Whatever your issue, just get in touch with us and we will find a solution.

How We Fix Broken Websites

We have fixed everything from hacked websites to websites with annoying little bugs that impact user experience.

The first step in fixing your website is you discuss the issue with us and give us as much information as possible.

There are many reasons why you may be facing an issue such as:

  • Code Conflicts
  • Syntax Errors
  • Website Version Needs Updating
  • PHP Versions
  • Plug in Compatability
  • Security Breach
  • Caching Issues
  • Network Problems
  • Database Issues
  • Memory Management


The Staging Environment


After we have identified your issues we will copy your website and database and move it onto a staging environment.

This is a replica of your website and database. Here we will fix the issue and thoroughly test your website on the staging environment.

For any Mandalorian fans, this is the way!

We always follow best practices, every website should have a staging environment before you make any major changes and this is how we safely resolve website bugs and issues.

After we are confident your issue has been resolved, we will push the changes to the live site and with it, your website bug should be no more.




How Long Do Website Bugs Take To Fix?

This is the classic how long is a piece of string question. Website bugs can be fixed but without knowing the issue, it is hard to give an estimate.

If your website is running on an old version and you have many conflicts, it could be weeks.

If you have simple errors or code conflicts, it could be minutes, hours or days.

My Website is Hacked, Can You Help?

Yes, we can. We 1st need to identify the source of the breach. From here we will put in measures to clean your website up and prevent future breaches by increasing website security.

Will You Set Up The Staging Environment?

We will take care of everything when fixing your website. You will need to give us access to your hosting and we will set up a staging environment that mimics your live site. From here we will resolve your website bug.

Who Will Fix My Website?

Depending on the type of issues you have, your website will be fixed by either a front-end or back-end developer.

If you have styling issues that are causing issues, our front-end developer will take the lead.

If you have conflicts in the code base or issues relating to server configurations, one of our back end developers will manage the project.

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