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Shopify SEO

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Shopify and SEO

Shopify is a fantastic platform, easy to set up and can have you marketing your products online in days.

As with every other platform it can have its pros and cons when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

As with every site, we believe having great content is the best way to rank. Shopify will let you create a lot of content, product variations and the platform has some great e-commerce functionality.

But it is also not as flexible as other platforms in terms of SEO, and this means you sometimes have to work a bit harder to achieve amazing SEO results.


SEO Issues

We still see some Shopify websites that make us want to cry from a technical SEO perspective.

One of the main technical areas is to look at your product URLs and canonical issues. If you have a product variant that changes the URL when you change variants, are you employing canonicals on the variants or is each page separate in the eyes of Google?

This of course can bring duplicate content concerns if each variant URL is a near match to all the other variants and a cannonical plan is not in place for the site.

But most of the SEO issues we find on Shopify websites actually come from humans. Pesky Humans.


Jump Start

One factor to consider from an SEO perspective is the speed of your Shopify website.

People do not tend to stick around on slow-loading sites, not only will it increase your bounce rate it will send a host of other bad signals to search engines about the usability of your web pages.

You should look to lazy load in certain images keep an eye on your TTI and LCP scores and make amendments where possible for the best possible scores.





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Orange Chocolate

 How To

Tidy Up the Rear.

Yes, we have technical issues we can fix, and certain obstacles to overcome on Shopify. But it is rather simple. We have the home page, collection pages, product pages and custom pages.

We want to rank each one for a series of keywords. Not one keyword, that’s old school. So the question is how do we rank each page? Call the Ethical Web Agency and let’s get started.

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