Use Power BI to Monitor Traditional Marketing

Power BI is an analytical tool from Microsoft that helps you build powerful visuals for your business.

It can pull in data from thousands of sources and with a bit of imaginative thinking, can really assist you in your marketing efforts.

Traditional Marketing

If you are in business, you should know all about traditional marketing techniques, these were all we often had before the advent of digital marketing and the Internet.
We used to rely on offline channels and physical media to reach potential customers. To this day many companies still utilise traditional marketing, it has not all gone online yet although digital marketing continues to grow and shape the marketing for every business.

Some common forms of traditional marketing include:

Print Advertising

Newspapers: Placing advertisements in newspapers to reach a local or regional audience.
Magazines: Advertising in print publications relevant to the target audience.
Brochures and Flyers: Creating and distributing printed materials to promote products or services.

Broadcast Advertising

Television: Running commercials on television to reach a broad and diverse audience, maximising exposure.
Radio: Advertising through radio spots or sponsorships on specific stations or programs.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards: Placing large, eye-catching advertisements along busy roads or at public transportation hubs.
Transit Advertising: Advertising on public transportation vehicles, such as buses and trains.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Campaigns: Sending promotional materials, catalogues, or brochures directly to potential customers’ mailboxes.


Cold Calls: Contacting potential customers via phone to promote products or services.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Participating in industry-specific events to showcase products, network, and generate leads.

Printed Promotional Items

Distributing branded merchandise like pens, T-shirts, and keychains at events or as part of promotional campaigns.

Outdoor Events and Sponsorships

Sponsoring or participating in local events, fairs, or sports competitions to increase brand visibility.

Public Relations

Building and maintaining a positive public image through media relations, press releases, and community engagement.

Yellow Pages Advertising

Listing in printed directories like the Yellow Pages, which were once a common resource for finding local businesses.

In-Person Sales and Door-to-Door Sales

Sales representatives visit potential customers in person to make sales or generate leads.

Promotional Partnerships

Collaborating with other businesses for joint marketing efforts, such as cross-promotions or co-branded events.

Issues with Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

One of the problems some companies face when running a traditional marketing campaign is measuring its effectiveness. If you run a TV advert and sales go up by 1000% it is obviously working, but often measurements can be more nuanced.

If you have a couple of shops scattered across the country and turn to local newspaper adverts, you may look at the revenue of the store, did it increase? Often the salesman or manager will communicate they have had a number of people in the store, advert in hand. It can become confusing, sometimes one or two big sales can obscure figures also, are these sales by chance or directly correlated to your print advert campaign?

Crucial data can also be hidden amongst invoices that never make it to more specific reporting. What if you have a store on the east end of a city and you run an advertising campaign across the whole city? Do you know if customers are prepared to travel across the city when they have other options on their doorstep? Do you have a database that can help you analyse this information?

Linking up with Power Bi

Our developers can help cut through all the noise and show you exactly where your customers live, what they ordered and on what date they ordered on an interactive map.

By doing this we can look at specific dates and easily visualise pins of where customers live. This can lead to some fascinating information and help shape not only our future traditional marketing but also our digital marketing efforts.

Say we run a city-wide campaign and we see 90% of orders came from within a 3-mile radius of the shop. This tells us two things straight away.

1. The product offering was not enticing enough to travel
2. Customers have alternative options closer by or online

When it comes to traditional marketing, we can easily pin store sales against a distribution area. We can only look at the data in front of us. People will argue the advert may have planted the seed for a future sale, and that may well be the case, but this is not a measurable metric. Do you want your business to run on actual metrics or maybe’s?

This information can also help us in the digital sphere. When we set up a digital marketing campaign, using this data we could target areas where we know customers convert and reduce our ad spend on areas where we know customers are unwilling to travel to the local store.

Traditional marketing methods can still be highly effective, especially for businesses targeting local or specific demographics. However, in today’s digital age, many companies use a combination of both traditional and digital marketing methods to reach a segmented audience. This will reduce the waste in your advertising campaigns and deliver a stronger ROI.



By using Power BI you can transform the data you get back from traditional marketing campaigns into actual visulaisations that not only report on campaign effectivness, but shape future marketing campaigns through advanced demographic reporting.

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