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We Fix Websites For Free

We Fix Websites For Charities

If you are a charity and you have a problem with your website, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to look at the issue for you.

Now we won’t redesign the whole website or spend months fixing a myriad of problems. We will look at your issue and if it can be fixed we will fix it for absolutely no cost at all.

We would rather you kept the money doing the good work that you do.

We will also offer our advice if you ask for it on everything from SEO to Digital Marketing.


We Fix Websites for Religious Institutions

If you run the local church, mosque or synagogue and have a problem with your website, please get in touch.

We will try to resolve the issue for you in a timely fashion. If the job looks too big in scope we will provide you honest feedback and help guide you towards a resolution.


We Fix Websites for Good People and Good Causes

If you run a remembrance website or a website that is not for profit and aimed at helping people, let us know.

As with charities and religious websites, we will also be happy to help with any issues and won’t burden you with costs if the problem can be fixed by our development team in a timely fashion.


Doing Our Bit.

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Totally free

And Worth Every Penny

We have clients to attend to, but when you contact us with an issue as a charity, religious institution or philanthropic organisation, we will schedule some time in our diary, even if it is out of office hours to help your cause.

It’s well worth our time and we are more than happy to help.

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