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Conversion Optimisation

So you are getting traffic but not sales. What could be going wrong?

Many things. We have seen websites with the most awful minging imagery, high prices, and pictures of dogs with money and still, business owners can’t see these glaring errors.

We bring fresh eyes and proven techniques to help your e-commerce store attract the right traffic and help turn your website into one that converts.





Behind The Scenes

We are hugely experienced working on e-commerce platforms of all types.

We made our bones on Magento and have extensive knowledge of transforming back-end order processing systems.

From supplier stock integrations to API integrations with courier networks. We can help your business run smoother post-sale and in turn, increase your customer retention rate and long-term sales prospects.



Digital Marketing

We can optimise your website for SEO but another element to the marketing mix is Digital marketing.

Here at the Ethical Web Agency, we can set up campaigns on Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Bing Ads and Social Media Platforms.

We are hugely experienced in driving revenue through digital marketing platforms and don’t have any awkward pricing plans. A set fee starts from £200 per month no matter how much you spend or receive and monthly progress reports on how our campaigns are getting on in the digital world.



Sell Your Product

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Understand Your Strategy!

We know not every business has a strategy, they may think they do, but they don’t. Many businesses bounce from pillar to post on a regular basis.

Many businesses may also have an idea of a strategy but pull the plug on it as soon as sales dip for a week instead of refinement. We need to be cool here and clearly set out our objectives and the tactics used to achieve our desired result.

Let’s take it easy, let’s set a target and a time frame to reach that target, let us strategise together!



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As an Ethical Company, we are Zen and wish everyone gets along happily in the competitive world of business.

But when we enter a competitive e-commerce environment our mask slips and we want to kill and destroy all our competition and reign supreme.

Well maybe not that far, but we want to win and be better than all our competitors. And we want to help you achieve just that!


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