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Magento SEO

SEO For Magento Websites

A Powerful SEO Platform

Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that is recognised as very search engine friendly.

It includes built-in features such as meta tags, custom URL rewriting, sitemaps and customisable content pages.

Additionally, Magento allows for easy integration with third-party SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Shopping.

Overall, Magento is a fantastic choice for SEO, but this SEO success also depends on the individual implementation and configuration of your website.

Custom Modules

Magento is highly customizable, and from an SEO perspective, this is a great thing.

It is an open-source e-commerce platform, which means that the source code is available for our developers to modify and extend.

This allows for a wide range of customization options, adding new features and excellent functionality.

This makes it possible to create custom solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and also gain a competitive advantage against some competitors.

Experienced in Magento SEO

We have worked on some fantastic Magento websites in the UK, ranking in top spots for competitive national terms across multiple markets.

But Magento is not very user-friendly from a technical perspective and if you are looking to build a Magento website, development support is essential.

We can get you set up with product and category templates, SEO friendly for internal use and scalable for future SEO development.

However, this platform is only recommended for medium-sized to large organisations with many products.


 High performance

A Bit of A Beast!

If you’re rocking the latest Adobe Commerce (Magento) website, you have the potential to dominate the market.

Up against other platforms you have the scalability and the customisation options to blow competitors out of the water with rich SEO features.

But like all scary beasts, Magento can run amock in the wrong hands and you won’t enjoy the potential benefits the platform can return.

We have worked with Magento 1, Magento 2 and now Adobe Commerce, and have learnt to tame this beast and achieve fantastic SEO results for our clients.

A Confused Monkey

Confused with Magento SEO?

Top Rated for seo

Be the BEST

We understand, there is nothing more frustrating than having a Magento site and you feel it is just not working for you.

Lots of businesses can not find adequate human resources to handle Magento and make the decision to move to Shopify or an easier platform to manage but could be a bad move.

The highly customisable nature of Magento can provide outstanding performance and beat other platforms in terms of SEO.

Reach out to us today to look at your existing Magento website and let us improve your SEO.


Magento SEO Prices

How To Rank Magento Websites

We have many years of experience working on and ranking Magento websites. It is important to keep your focus as most Magento websites have hundreds of products if not thousands of SKU’S.

If you have set up a new Magento website or have an existing site, you should develop a mindset of every page you add, you want it to rank in the top 3 positions.

We have three main types of pages we want to focus on. These are:

  • The Home Page
  • Category Pages
  • Product Pages

For every page we create, should pick a target keyword. Remember a page can pick up placements for a multitude of different search terms, but picking a main target keyword will help us focus when we are writing content for the page and optimising both internal links and links picked up from external sources.


Basic Magento SEO Process

For each page in Magento, we want to follow some basic Magento SEO optimisation techniques. To do this, you can follow a simple procedure.

  • Research a target keyword for the new page.
  • Google the keyword and gauge the keyword competition
  • Read what other people are writing on the Topic or Product
  • Select a Keyword
  • Use a clean URL structure for the page
  • Include the Keyword in the H1
  • Include the Keyword in The Meta Title
  • Include the Keyword in the Meta Description
  • Include the Keyword in the 1st few sentences of the body text
  • Use modern image formatting such as WebP
  • Use descriptive Alt Text on images
  • Try to make your page better than the competition


This list although simple, if followed can pay dividends. If you notice a product is available on competitors’ websites and they don’t have every colour showing, show every colour. If you notice they don’t have specifications, show specifications. If they don’t have delivery information on the page, add this too.

We want our pages to be better than the competition, why else should you deserve top placing if you do not put in the effort?

There are of course many other sitewide elements to consider such as HTTPS, internal and external links, site speed and security. But this list although basic is very powerful, we are surprised how many people fail to even put in place such a basic SOP for adding a new page.

Why is Magento Good For SEO?

Magento is not just good for SEO, it’s great.

Have you ever been on a competitor website and they have some amazing functionality, so good you just know it’s going to be a conversion winner?

You may even run off to Google to look through a list of plug-ins in an effort to replicate the functionality but become frustrated.

The reason Magento is so great is because it is an open-source platform, and as long as you have the right internal resources, you can do literally anything you want. You can not be restricted by the platform, you can decide what you want the website to do and set about building it.

Once you have it performing well, it can give an exceptional user experience and also facilitate amazing customer service, which in return drives repeat custom and boosts SEO performance.

Providing a great customer experience can and will enhance SEO.


Using the Full Power of The Platform

We are convinced many Magento owners do not know the power of the platform. Let’s look at an example of how Magento can help grow your business.


Increase Return Visitors Through Extended Functionality

If we provide an outstanding experience, customers will return and this will boost our SEO. When people do branded searches online for your company, the search engines recognise this.

We can pick a product with customisation or a pretty standard product that is literally picked and packed.

Lets say in this scenario the business sells Christmas Baubles, but they also offer the chance to purchase them with handmade glitter applied and customer initials.

Heres what we could do to use Magento to increase user experience and drive SEO.

On the product page, we could give the user the option to visualise the baubles with different types of glitter, and they can also add their initials on the bauble in any position. At checkout they can add a cross-sell if they want special wrapping, so far so good.

Up to now, it has been a good experience, but this has not yet harnessed the full power of Magento.


Behind The Scenes

Okay so once the customer has placed their order we can have the order shown on a custom schedule in the workshop.

The hand painter is presented with a list of baubles that need to be picked, packaged, and what baubles need customisation.

They can press a button on the touchscreen to say they have begun to pick the baubles required. When they get back to the workstation and begin to paint the bauble we can have them press a button on the touchscreen that begins to record the glitter being added to the baubles and the handpaiting procedure, it can then also video the wrapping of the product. Once the process is complete the operative can press another button to say the item is ready to ship.

Magento can than automatically send a shipment to the courier requesting collection today and print out delivery stickers and simutaniously send a delivery email to the customer along with a video of their christmas bauble being hand painted in the workshop and adding a little bit of magic to the process.

Now this process may not be for everyone, but hopefully it has opened your eyes to the power of Magento. Its is not only the front end that can be great for SEO, magento can also deliver amazing customer service that plays a role in building repeat customers and building your brand.


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