Do I Need To Build Links To My Website?

If you are setting up a new website or if you have an existing website you may have heard of links or backlinks.

The story goes the more backlinks you have the better you will rank.

So do you need to do it? The answer is both yes and no.

There is a correlation in the round, websites with a lot of incoming links and a high domain authority carry more weight in the world of websites.

Links are like votes of confidence, the more links a web page picks up, the more votes of confidence the community has placed on it.

If a webpage on a topic has 100 different websites or as we like to call them Domains linking to it, it must be pretty good right?

Now let’s compare this to a webpage talking about the same subject and it only has 1 backlink.

In simplistic terms this sends a signal to Google that the page that has 100 links is fantastic, look at how many people linked to it, it deserves to be top of Google when somebody searches this topic.

Hopefully, you can see the issue here, think about it. The more links a website or webpage, the more it helps to improve its ranking. Now before you run off and build a load of links to your website like a madman, please read on.


The Penguin Update

A Penguin

So in the early days of the web, people established that the more website links you got, the better your webpage would rank.

Hopefully, you are still here and did not run off building links. Because in the old days, this is exactly what people used to do, they would leave links everywhere.

You could be at home enjoying a read of your favourite gardening forum and somebody would post a link to purchase viagra in the comments section. Totally ruining a read on how to perk my wilting Dahlia back up.

Yes, it was like the Wild West, there used to be links everywhere. We had content farms producing thousands of articles a day a getting linked to from all over the place. So much so that the results in Google started to suffer. Some websites with poor-quality content had a better chance of ranking higher due to the volume of links they had.

So in April 2012, Google updated its algorithm with the Penguin update and it recognised sites that used these spammy link-building techniques. And the search results are a better place for it.

Websites that had grown a lot of traffic through spammy techniques found themselves demoted in the rankings, some into obscurity. Many people complained they had been harshly done for gaming the system laughably.

Now the algorithm has changed much since then, if you employ these tactics today you are just wasting your time. Google ignores a lot of spam links, but if you do it too much you could find yourself penalised still, say goodbye to website traffic.

And we have literally no idea why it was called the Penguin update, in any case, it’s fine with us.

If you try to game the system, this is called “black hat SEO”. Spammy techniques or thinking you can leverage an advantage against Google’s search engine is a concept for the brave. The odds are well and truley stacked against you. This is Google’s bus after all, and we are just along for the ride.


Do Links Still Matter?

Yes, links still matter just not spammy ones. If you go off onto Fiver and buy yourself a hundred backlinks, at best you are wasting your money, at worst potentially damaging your website’s credibility.

You could potentially get a few good links, but in reality, most of these links will be paid for or simply uploaded onto a wide variety of sites where anyone can post a link.

So how do you build good links you may ask? The 1st question to ask is why would anyone want to link to your website. Is it good enough? Is the content you produce good or garbage?

If the content is good, people will find it and link to it naturally. I may find an article on my wilting Dhalia that solves the problem for me.

I may then share this article with my friends on social media, maybe another gardening enthusiast found the article and decided to link to their own website.

You see relevancy is all important. If we have a gardening website, we would love links from other websites based around our topic. Links from other nurseries, tulip producers, local flower shops, and other gardening information websites. These would all be relevant links, would a link from a Viagra store be relevant? Obviously not.

Links still play a role in passing these votes of confidence to your website, but the aim is to try and acquire links from relatable websites. If your content is good enough, these will be acquired naturally.

So rather than wasting your time trying to game the system, spend your time on making your website content better.

You do not need to build links as in paying for them, but you do need to aquire them.  We aquire links by building great content that is is useful to are target audience and in return people link will to this content.

Good Versus Evil

So you are now building great content and need to share it with the world. Some people still use black hat techniques, but here at the Ethical website agency we only perform “White hat SEO”.

White hat SEO is doing everything above board and exactly how Google and other search engines encourage us to.

If you meet anybody and they tell you they know better than Google I would advise caution. Apart from the obvious narcissistic tendencies they may also have a bit of delusion.

There is no way we can beat Google at its own game, any tricks people come up with will undoubtedly be short-term gains as the algorithm is ever-changing and constantly updating.

Start by having a read of Google’s guidelines and focus on your content.

We can help you share your content with a wider audience through legitimate means and help you grow a strong, growing domain.

With the Ethical Web Agency, we can help you acquire new links, relevant and as always, content-focused.

We will put together strategies on how we can acquire links without putting your business at risk of a spam penalty.


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